Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is the project bike. I chose this 1970's 3 speed for nostalgic reason. Also it is more appropriate to use a bike without derailleurs to to emulate the European style I am going for. To find bikes of this vintage, without paying too much, I posted a bicycle wanted sign at a seniors condominium. Those places have loads of bikes like this that no one rides. Within a couple of days I got a call from a prospective seller. And paid only $45 for bike helmet and gel seat. The helmet and gel seat I didn't want but I didn't want to hurt the sellers feelings so I accepted them graciously... Does anyone want a fat ass gel seat or bell helmet?

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finny_minky said...

good day to you. I found your blog whilst googling "supercycle canadian tire restoration". (very first website listed- how cool). I was hoping to 'ol world wide web would help me out- so happy when I came across your blog. I recently acquired a vintage ladies Supercycle that I have instantly fallen in love with. The unfortunate parts to this story, however, is that it rides very rough, and i have no bicycle fixerupping capabilities. Perhaps you could offer me some words of wisdom, or advice on where to begin in my quest to make my new bike a *Super* Supercycle?
cheers, katie :)