Sunday, November 9, 2008

Painting Progress

The bicycle has been stripped down to the metal and undercoated. The first coat of paint has been applied. A urethane based black enamel has been used, A second coat will be applied after the paint has cured 3 days.

Part selection has been both interesting and sometimes frustrating. Hunting and gathering so to speak. Searching on the Internet to find the right hub, seat and tires has taken up a lot of time. Compatibility, both mechanically and esthetically, is critical. Paul, from Bicycle Works, has been very supportive in this quest of mine to pump new life into an old bike. Many parts have been ordered through his shop. A SRAM front hub dynamo to run the headlight and tail light as well as a Sturmey-Archer rear internal 8 speed hub is on it's way. An order for creme coloured Schwalb tires has been placed. A coat guard is on it's way as well.

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Chris Thornborrow said...

Sounds like it's coming along!