Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rebecca's New (Old) Bike

While waiting for more parts to arrive to facilitate my main project I've decided to do a side project. A friend of mine gave me an old bike that her father had which was very grimy and rusty. I've cleaned it up and polished through much of the rust and put new tires on it. I've yet to do a bit more but it is in good working order as is. This is a fine 5 speed for my lovely wife. Happy Valentines day!?


Boldstar said...

Fine job on this bike as well. Although, it seems like an all-to-easy way of getting the Valentines day gift taken care of. I am sure the restoration wasn't real easy but you know what I mean. If you can get away with it...congrats!

bykadelic said...

I wish I had taken some before pictures on this bike. It was in a serious neglected state. Rebecca has seen the bike and likes it. Choclates make you fat while bikes have the opposite effect!

Anonymous said...

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