Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bike to Beach

I recieved my Bike to Beach bicycle iPod player by iHome today. It delivers great sound and yet is safe for commuting as you can still hear the traffic around you. Earphones-not so safe.


Anonymous said...

You have really done something beautiful with that bicycle. Personally, I like to keep the original look while upgrading the hell out of the parts - but it's your project, and the pictures speak for themselves. That's a great looking bicycle.

Supercycle? Hell yeah!

Boldstar said...

Interesting sound technology. Is that a speaker where the water bottle usually sits?
Also, is that a chip of paint I see out of your 8-ball bell? Give that bell a paint job if it is.
"I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike" from the song Bicycle Race by Queen 1978,
Rock on!

bykadelic said...

Yes the iPod fits into that contraption and it is slightly larger than a water bottle and comes with it's own water bottle cage. The wireles remote is on the handlebars and controls mute, volume and tracks. A chip on my bell!!!I hope it's just a reflection? Anyway I have a spare.