Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Company Vehicle

In celebration of Environmental Day in Canada I thought I would share my bicycle with the world sporting it's new sign. Lately the 'bykadelic' project bike is better known as the "Company Vehicle". Still working out some details as the gearing is way too high for an upright commuter bike. Man is it fast and hard to peddle in 8th gear! Changing to a 39 tooth chain ring helped considerably but I am still passing cars in 8th gear...not the desired effect. I am going to get pulled over for speeding!. I need to to get a 36 tooth chain ring which will tone it down but the Gain Ratio will still be the same as a street racing bike ! Yikes!!! Any advice on this dilemma is appreciated.

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Boldstar said...


I am at a loss to help you with your speed problem. How are the low gears for speed and peddling ease? Maybe your just stuck with the performance and simply rely on using the low end gears for most of your travels.
Get a louder horn/ bell and perhaps a flashing light rack (like the cops have) for the higher gears.